IP Phone Systems

The technology used by internet protocol telephone systems is more time-tested than many people realize. IP phones, with development going back decades, are as stable and powerful as the modern broadband connections on which they rely. IP phones overcome some of the limitations of old phone systems, like poor audio quality and difficulty of setting up phone lines.

Advantages of IP phones include versatility of features, superior audio quality, significantly lower long distance charges, and the ability to use a mobile IP phone over any network in the world with no roaming fees.

One of our favorite IP phones is the Snom 715. It’s designed to be simple, easy to use, as sturdy as a traditional phone, and as flexible and feature-loaded as possible without overwhelming the user. Our technicians can get an IP system installed and up and running on your network in one visit, and it requires no special training to begin using one. You can simply pick up and dial.

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