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Access Control

Access control can be an invaluable tool for Salt Lake City, Utah businesses. Options such as card key access, keypad entry, and more have created reliable and safe ways for business owners to protect their most valuable assets. If a standard key can be copied if lost or misplaced, your company can be left unprotected from potential thieves, vandals, and other unsavory activity. With an access control system from 3cBSI, if an employee loses their card or pin, it can be deactivated quickly and securely.

Access control comes in many forms. In fact, a simple lock and key is a form of access control. At 3cBSI, we understand there are situations in which a simple system like this is just not practical. We offer full-service support for your access control system from the initial installation to troubleshooting issues. Our commitment to service sets us apart, and we are there for you through every step.  This ensures a quality system and a satisfied customer.

3cBSI offers:

  • Competitive pricing on custom access control systems
  • Installation and service of the latest industry-leading brands, including Honeywell Net AXS, IEI, Linear, LENEL, Software House and more
  • Training for your staff
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Warranty on Labor & Parts
  • Service in Ogden, Provo and Orem

Security Advantages of Access Control Systems

  • See and speak to visitors before entrance
  • Grant visitor access remotely
  • Ensure business entrance security
  • Monitor staff and visitors entering the building
  • Record video and images of staff and visitors
  • Provide convenient access via pin, key card and more

To learn more about why Utah companies are switching to access control systems and to find out how 3cBSI can help you, call 801-544-1596.