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Fast Fiber Optic Cabling Installation for Businesses in
Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah

What is fiber optic cabling?

Fiber optic cabling is made of thin pieces of flexible glass that are used to transmit information.  It is commonly used for telecommunication, TV, and internet connections.  It is thinner than traditional copper wire as well as being more reliable.  This cabling uses light pulses to send information electrically through the lines.   Like wire, it normally has a protective outer layer that ensures more accurate transmissions and prevents damage from outside forces.

How is fiber optic cabling made?

A process known as MCVD (modified chemical vapor deposition), uses a variety of chemical combinations to create the optical glass used in fiber optic cabling.  The glass is the purest form of glass in the world.  So pure, that if the ocean was made of optical glass, you could see directly down to the bottom. These thin glass strands are encased in a protective covering, similar to the kind found on traditional wiring.  This makes installation easy so there is no worry about damaging the cabling.  The cords are run through Salt Lake City offices and homes in the same way that cable is.

What is fiber optic cabling used for?

Fiber optic cabling installation is the most efficient way to transfer information from one point to another.  Light impulses are what trigger the electrical transference. This transference of information is commonly used for televisions, internet, and telephones.  Many Utah companies are making the switch from basic cables because they tend to be more efficient and secure. Since the information can be shared so easily and quickly more and more Salt Lake City businesses are beginning to utilize it.


Is fiber optic better than cable?

Though cable is generally cheaper and installation is quicker, fiber optic cabling has a variety of benefits that cable lacks.  It tends to be more reliable and can continue working in the case of a power outage.  It is also much faster than traditional cable, making your internet use much more productive.  Cable is already installed in most existing Salt Lake City buildings, and fiber optic cabling is run separately.

Why is fiber optic cabling more secure?

All electromagnetic fields are held within fiber optic cables, which means that none of the data is leaked out or lost.  They are harder to tap than traditional cable because everything is contained within the thin optical glass.  It’s also more efficient, meaning information is transferred much faster, reducing the time needed for transmission.  That’s time saved from potential hackers or information leaks. Many Utah companies are switching over for both speed and security.

Is fiber optic cabling available in my area?

Fiber optic cabling installation isn't currently found everywhere in Salt Lake City, but it is rapidly expanding.  Many plans haven't been put into place yet, but there are ways to implement it for your business needs. 3C Business Solutions is bringing Utah businesses the high speed and security that comes with advanced technology.  We design and implement networks for commercial areas, immensely improving communication and sending information.