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Custom Business Security Systems Installation in Salt
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Interesting Fact: Typically, burglars spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a business. The more difficult it is to gain access, the more likely a burglar is to reconsider the attack.

Interesting Fact: The largest single system of security cameras is in the Singapore Airport – there are approximately 3,000 cameras in operation watching and recording everything that happens.

What are the benefits of a business security system?

The most obvious benefit to business security technology is protecting people and valuables from intruders. This is the first reason anyone thinks of getting an alarm.  What many fail to consider is that it also deters criminals from targeting your Utah office or business.  Think about it: if you’re a thief picking a target and one has security and another one doesn’t, which one would you pick?  There are also benefits that go far beyond the security of your business. Many of the new systems can be controlled and monitored remotely.  You can change the thermostat, turn off lights, lock doors, and even check the camera feeds while you are away.  In addition, many insurance companies offer a discount on property or renter’s insurance for Utah locations with security. 

What types of business security systems are available for your Salt Lake Business?

There are two basic types of alarms available with countless options that can be added to them.  The most basic security technology item is a local alarm.  This is comprised of sensors that will trigger a loud alarm when activated.  They are commonly installed on windows and doors with the option to add motion sensors as well.  While local alarms help, they aren’t as effective as monitored alarm systems.  These are similar to local alarms except they are linked to a monitoring service.  The service will respond when the alarm is activated and can notify police or fire response agencies in emergencies. 

What is CCTV and how does it work?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television.  This is similar to any normal TV system except that the signal is not publicly transmitted.  They are most commonly used on business security programs to allow cameras to feed a monitor without others being able to see it.

Where is the video data from business security systems stored?

Until recently it was stored on a hard drive, usually located on-site.  Security programs are starting to use cloud storage similar to what many phones and tablets are now utilizing.  In most systems there is limited space, and once that space has been filled the old video is overwritten by the most recent recordings.

Can security camera feeds be accessed remotely, and who can access this footage?

It depends on the system and how it’s set up.  If you are using a local system, then it can’t be accessed remotely.  Monitored security can be set up to be viewed or controlled remotely, usually through the Internet.  They can be set up to allow as many or as few people to see it as the business owner chooses.

Besides security, what else is video surveillance used for?

Video surveillance is used for just about anything you can think of.  They are commonly used in business to monitor employees, and document daily events.  They can also be used to watch over production plants with extensive computers or machinery.  Another common use is statistical analysis such as studying the flow traffic or Utah weather patterns.

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