The 3c Difference

Why does technology to make your life easier always seem to make things more complicated? You shouldn't have to be an expert engineer to use your phone or security system, get a new projector for your conference room, or have easy but secure wireless internet at your location. Our Utah cabling technicians serve to help you get the solutions and data infrastructure you need, answer your questions, and help you pick out the right equipment for your business. Audiovisual equipment, security systems, phone systems, and network cabling are all important parts of the modern Utah office, but it can take an expert to identify what will help you the most. Get your office set up with powerful, state of the art equipment and clean cabling. Our goal is to use the best proven technologies to give your business the tools you need.

Business Phone Systems

The phone system is one of the foundational elements of most businesses. Your phones need to work all day, every day, often before the building is even finished or open to the public. We install reliable phone systems for Utah businesses that can't afford downtime. We can also service your older system that is experiencing issues, and provide an ongoing service relationship for this important but often overlooked component of your data infrastructure.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Systems

More and more Utah businesses are switching to VoIP as an alternative to traditional phone lines. Integration with computers, laptops and smartphones allow users to use their business phone line from anywhere in the world, and the low price is as attractive as the ease of use. We can help you pick out the phone system that suits your needs, and install the network cabling and everything else for a modern, up-to-date VoIP phone system.

We Succeed, Because

We Serve

 We recognize that our customers are our business; therefore, we put our customers first in everything we do. We constantly seek to understand and then to satisfy our customer's expectations-fully and promptly. We put quality ahead of everything else; without excellence, we cannot satisfy our customers. By continually improving our services, we will build long-term relationships that allow our customers to prosper.

We recognize that our customers place great trust in us. We will never compromise our integrity. We seek customers and team members who share this commitment.

Some of the services we provide include phone & security systems, installing and maintaining network cabling including fiber optics, Wi-Fi internet access, and audiovisual equipment. Our passion is connecting you with the technology your business needs to excel and thrive.

3c Business Solutions is located in Utah, but our cabling and data technicians travel throughout the Mountain West area. Our recent projects have taken us from Wyoming to Nevada.

Sound Masking Systems for Offices

Open floor plan offices are growing in popularity, but how do you deal with the noise problem? One innovative solution is digital sound masking.

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Security Systems for Businesses

Security systems that safeguard your Utah business can be an invaluable form of protection. Deterring break-ins, monitoring conditions, and documenting incidents for liability purposes are just some of the ways a security system can help protect your investment.

Fiber Optics for Professional Installations

Fiber optic cabling is synonymous with high speed, reliability and security. Learn more about how a blazing-fast network infrastructure and new cabling installation can help your business stay competitive.

WiFi in Commercial Buildings

Is your Utah office building suffering from poor wireless connectivity? An improved network access system may help increase productivity and security in your office.